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About Us

Our focus is dedicated to completing your project (large or small) with quality results, on time, and within your budget. 


We provide the necessary services to take your logs to the final product.  We can usually transport if needed or saw on site.  We provide Kiln drying service of lumber.  We can surface widths up to 20".  We can create custom flooring from your logs or return furniture grade lumber for your use.  Another specialty is our custom mantels, beams and live edge slabs.

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I have been working with wood most of my life and enjoy taking natures gifts (trees) from raw material to the highest quality lumber possible.  I have been running this business for years and continue to be amazed by the endless products and possibilities this type of business offers.  Live edge slabs are becoming a focus since the demand seems to be very strong in that area.  Most of the common lumber is well provided for and pricing is very competitive. I am working with a supplier for hardwood flooring. My favorite is White Oak Rift and Quartered 5" or 6" in width Character grade, this is superb for price, value and wow factor. If you are remodeling or building new give me a call and compare pricing. I am selling from two locations, the second is an industrial complex located in West Chicago carrying the larger and thick boards. Since there are a few of us selling lumber there, there is a larger selection to pick from. We are selling by appointment currently.

Customer stories:

"One large Sugar Maple was a childhood climbing tree for three young girls.  The tree needed to come down and the parents decided to have me mill the tree so they could make cradles for their girls future babies."

 "A small church had a stand of Ash trees being removed for an addition to the church.  The architect wanted to use Bamboo flooring as it is supposedly considered a green building product.  One of the parishioners suggested using the Ash trees from their own property for the Sanctuary flooring.  What could be greener than that?  We milled the trees, dried the lumber and created a beautiful Ash floor. 

28 w 530 Woodlawn, Warrenville, Illinois | 630-393-6341


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